Sinusitis in adults - symptoms and treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammation that affects one or more paranasal sinuses. It can develop as an independent disease, and as a complication on the background of various infectious diseases. Acute sinusitis refers to one of the most common pathologies that the ENT doctor encounters in his work.

What to do when the nose is stuffed and there is no snot?

Few people know, but it is the nose that takes care of the entire body. First of all, oxygen enters through the nose, without which it is simply impossible to survive. The nose in every possible way protects the inhaled air and prevents overcooling of other organs. The nose protects the lungs from dust and other harmful impurities, including from pathogens.

What to do at a pressure of 140 to 90, and is it dangerous?

Pressure 140 to 90 in medical terminology is known as a state of borderline hypertension, since for some people this is normal, and for most it is the first sign of the onset of the disease. Age-related changes in the body, as a rule, lead to the further development of this condition - a steady increase in pressure, and there is a risk of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Heart arrhythmia - what is it and how to treat?

Arrhythmias of the heart - violations of the frequency, rhythm and sequence of contractions of the heart. They can occur with structural changes in the conduction system in diseases of the heart and (or) under the influence of vegetative, endocrine, electrolyte and other metabolic disorders, with intoxication and some medicinal effects.