How to treat herpes on the face at home

As a rule, herpes on the face is manifested in the form of specific rashes in the area of ​​the wings of the nose, as well as along the edges of the lips, and it is caused by the herpes virus, belonging to the first type.

Symptoms of the disease in the form of ulcers and rashes are the source of the spread of this virus, and therefore the treatment of herpes on the face should be carried out as early as possible (see photo).


The causes of herpes are various, but they basically have one thing in common - reduced immunity. Such factors can provoke the appearance of herpes symptoms on the face:

  • frequent, prolonged stress, depression, emotional overload;
  • excessive overheating or overcooling;
  • postponed severe, debilitating diseases;
  • metabolic disease;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • alcohol and nicotine abuse;
  • passion for low-calorie diets that are not properly followed;
  • avitaminosis;
  • frequent colds.

On the skin of the face, the herpes virus more often manifests itself in the form of colds on the edge of the lips, but it can occur on the eyelids, in the nasolabial area, auricles.

Types of Herpes

Basically 6 types of herpes are common, they all have different symptoms, manifestation and development.

  1. Herpes simplex (cold on the lips and face in the form of small bubbles).
  2. Simple genital herpes.
  3. Chickenpox (chickenpox).
  4. Epstein-Barr virus (Burkitt's lymphoma, infectious mononucleosis).
  5. Cytomegalovirus (often found in people under 30).
  6. Psevdokrasnukha.

A person may not suspect that it is contagious when the first symptoms have not yet manifested. Therefore, when in contact with someone, the patient can infect another person. Then you have to treat two.


Symptoms of herpes appear on the chin, on the forehead, on the lips - anywhere. First, the patient appears burning in some areas of the skin, there is a general malaise and weakness. After some time, on the edematous hyperemic base, small bubbles can be seen, filled with serous contents, which soon become purulent.

Then the bubbles burst, liquid is released from them, and in their place erosion sites are formed. Sites of ulceration gradually tightened crusts. The lesion completely disappears only after a week, during which it is necessary to ensure that the infection does not spread to neighboring areas.

Herpes on the face: photo

How this disease looks like, we suggest to get acquainted with the detailed photos.

Treatment of herpes on the face

If herpes appears on the face, treatment should be carried out with certain drugs. They allow you to quickly cure the disease for a few days.

  1. Effective ointment - Herpivir, as well as Panavir, Zovirax, Acic.
  2. Tablets may be the following: Acyclovir, Gerpeval, Valtrex.
  3. Immunomodulatory drugs that enhance the body's immune response and support it in the fight against the virus.
  4. The remedies for symptomatic treatment are antipyretic, analgesic, wound healing.

In order to quickly cure herpes on the face, it is necessary at the very first symptoms of the disease to begin regularly to smear itchy skin with antiherpetic ointment. With a constant presence on the skin and in the subcutaneous tissues, this medicine blocks the reproduction of viral particles, and the cells of the immune system gradually cope with those already present. Treatment of herpes on the face with the help of tablets and injections is carried out only with complicated course of the disease.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure herpes until the end. The virus remains in the body forever. And constantly showing himself does not give only our immune system. We can only contribute to a more rapid treatment of the consequences.

Folk remedies

How to treat herpes on the face at home? Here are a couple of the most effective folk recipes.

  1. Aloe and Kalanchoe - squeeze out sap from these house plants and smear wounds to them, you can attach a fresh cut of the plant to the wound; also, in order to increase immunity, take a teaspoon of juice orally for 2 weeks.
  2. Attach a teabag to a reddened and itchy area and hold it for a while. After that, you can attach an ice cube to the problem area.
  3. Calendula tincture in alcohol or oil - used for lotions or rubbing; The property of calendula is used to suppress viral infections, including herpes.
  4. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of violet tricolor or calendula. The resulting juice lubricate the area of ​​inflamed skin.

If folk remedies do not help, then you should apply herpes ointment on the face, containing acyclovir, or even consult a doctor for the selection of tablets - antiviral and immunomodulatory.


Disease prevention involves a number of mandatory measures.

  1. Frequent hand washing (before meals and after contact with money, handrails in public transport, etc., is mandatory).
  2. Use your towels, brushes and sponge for make-up, cosmetics and dishes. Washing with cool water.
  3. Frequent stay in the fresh air.
  4. Proper nutrition and avoiding bad habits. Reception of vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

It is not possible to save a person from herpes forever. Any treatment has a temporary effect, eliminating the active manifestations of the disease, and turning the process into a remission stage.

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