Numb of the tongue - what does it mean?

Numbness of the tongue in medical practice is considered one of the varieties of paresthesias. This unpleasant sensation is accompanied by a feeling of tingling or tingling. It causes discomfort, and sometimes causes serious excitement. The causes of this symptom can be completely harmless, not requiring special treatment.

Edwards syndrome

Edwards syndrome is a genetic disease that occurs due to the appearance of an extra chromosome in the 18th pair. This causes a number of disorders, manifested by serious pathological abnormalities. Edwards syndrome got its name in honor of its discoverer - Dr. John Edwards. In 1960, he first noted and recorded the features and patterns of symptoms of this deviation.

Goosebumps over the whole body: causes, diagnosis and treatment

The tingling sensation in the body caused by irritation of the nerve fibers, and arising under the influence of certain factors, is popularly called "goose bumps." In official medicine, this phenomenon is called paresthesia. The mechanism of its development is as follows: at the moment when 2 signals that are not connected to each other immediately arrive at the sensory nerve ending, it cannot respond to them correctly due to their layering.

Elephant foot disease: causes and treatment

Elephantiasis, or lymphedema, is a rather rare disease characterized by impaired lymphatic drainage and stagnation. The pathological process most often affects the lower limbs, significantly disfiguring them. But hyperplasia can occur in other parts of the body. With elephantiasis, stagnation of the lymph leads to the fact that metabolic products and protein molecules are not excreted from the body, but begin to gradually stratify.

Bitterness in the mouth: causes and possible diseases

Bitterness in the mouth can manifest itself in many diseases or pathological conditions. To understand the cause of the manifestation of such a symptom can be on the time at which it manifested itself, and how often it makes itself felt. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment in this case are not the best option. With such a deviation, you need to contact the therapist, who will collect the history and conduct a primary examination.

What to do if feet sweat: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Foot sweats is one of the most common types of hyperhidrosis. Most of all, this problem bothers people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, or who are uncomfortable - cramped or made of low-quality materials - shoes. Especially strongly pronounced sweating feet in men, who, unlike women, do not have the opportunity to often walk in open shoes, even in the hot season.

Cough after eating: causes, diagnosis and treatment

The occurrence of cough does not always indicate the development of the disease, but sometimes it may indicate the need for an urgent appointment with a doctor. Cough is a reflex that triggers during the development of inflammatory processes, or in response to the ingestion of foreign objects or microparticles into the respiratory system.

What does the pain in the solar plexus: the causes and treatment

The celiac plexus is a combination of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve fibers. It is located in the upper part of the abdominal region under the diaphragm, and extends downwards, where it intersects with the renal arteries. In front, the celiac plexus is bordered by the PZHZH, and on the sides - with the adrenal glands. Due to its location and structural features, this part of the body got its name - the solar plexus.